WIld ChRIst, WIld eaRth, WIld SelF

A Nature-Based Introduction to Seminary of the Wild

Each day will include a variety of teaching, self-reflection and journaling, group dialogue or council, creative expression, multiple solo wanders on the land, embodied movement, dreamwork, creative art expression, deep imaginal journeys, and ceremony. Seminary of the Wild guides will lead nature-based practices and guided invitations to facilitate deeply transformative experiences for participants, supported in smaller group cohorts by trained facilitators.




We begin Sunday evening.  Checkin and settling into your rooms can start in the afternoon.  Dinner is at 5 pm and the program begins after dinner at 6:30 pm.  Transportation shuttles and logistics regarding rooms etc are all handled by Ghost Ranch.  The program is complete Friday morning.  We will have a final gathering right after breakfast and you are free to leave after that.

This is not a typical Ghost Ranch program.  It is more of an intensive.  Most of the program is OUTSIDE.  Please be prepared for weather changes.  Every day, there is significant solo time on the land.  Mystery has a unique program ready for you as you open-heartedly engage with the Holy and the More Than Human Others living in this sacred land.  You are invited to hike as far as you are comfortable.  


  • 6:45 am - 7:30 am morning spiritual practice if desired

  • BREAKFAST from 7:30-8:30 am (includes optional dreamwork with the guides)

    • Orientation & guided opening spiritual practice

    • A keynote presentation and Q&A, 

    • Response to presentation

    • Rewilding practice on the land 


  • LUNCH from 12:00 - 1:00 pm

    • Teaching

    • Guided solo contemplative wander on the land 

    • Group work & sacred council in cohorts 


  • DINNER from 5:30 - 6:30 pm

  • Evening ceremony/ritual 



Orientation to the land and retreat center led by Ghost Ranch staff | Opening keynote and Q&A with Mirabai Starr on the first night and morning. Program guidance with the Seminary of the Wild founders.  

Sunday, OCTOBER 20  | Opening Orientation to the Four Facets of Seminary of the Wild

The evening will open with a ceremony offered by local indigenous leaders.  Mirabai Starr will join the Seminary of the Wild Founders in an overview of the fate and future of Christianity and the Church in the Anthropocene, an age in history where the excesses of one species is threatening the survival of all species.  


Monday, OCTOBER 21 | Wild Earth: Participating in Sacred Relationship with Earth 

We will explore the themes of incarnation and full embodiment, deep communion, and the re-enchantment of Earth. Participants will be invited to experience the innate and hidden resources of their own wild and indigenous belonging to the whole of the natural world.


Tuesday, OCTOBER 22 | Wild Self: Clarifying a Sense of  Your Deep Purpose  

We will explore our own hidden wholeness, the “treasure hidden in the field” of the Self encountered through parables, dreams, deep imagery, shadow work and self-healing practices.


Wednesday, OCTOBER 23 |  Wild Christ: Reclaiming the Wild Roots of the Christian Story 

We will explore the historical narrative of the Christian church in collusion with both empire and culture, supporting the domestication of our original wildness. Practices offered will help explore the concepts of the Cosmic and Wild Christ as an invitation to undergo deep ecological metanoia as a church and culture.


Thursday, OCTOBER 24| Wild Call: Embodying your authentic identity as a unique gift to the world.
We will explore rewilding our “call” as leaders, and what it means to embody one’s authentic identity as a unique gift to the world. Thursday will focus on practical steps for cultivation of wholeness and integrating practices from the week into your life and ministry. The yearlong Seminary of the Wild Training Program will also be introduced as an invitation for your next step.