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How Nature Invites Us Into the Sacred (and Vice Versa)

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A “Virtual and Experiential Book Club"  
  • VIRTUAL because weekly discussions will happen online

  • EXPERIENTIAL because invitations to develop your own “wild spirituality” practices in relationship with your own wild places will be offered each week.

  • BOOK CLUB because the Immersive follows along with Victoria's new book, "Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred"

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Tuesday evenings, 4-5:30 pm PT
Five weeks, begins November 2

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We belong to an inherently sacred world, but our culture and religion have severed us from full participation in this interconnective web of life.  And the Earth -- as well as our own spirituality -- suffers from that disconnection. Whether heartbroken by the realities of our profound ecological crises or unfulfilled by traditional expressions of religion that tend to disembody our faith, many of us long for a wild spirituality that reconnects us with the rest of the natural world.

Following the themes of the new book by Seminary of the Wild and Wild Church Network co-founder, Victoria Loorz, this weekly webinar will draw on the wilderness wanderings of spiritual leaders and offer spiritual practices to restore relationship with the sanctuary of the natural world. “Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Wild,” will be released on October 5, 2021 by Broadleaf Press, and is available for pre-order now


Themes of the workshop include:

  • The transition from relating to Nature as a Collection of Objects into a Communion of Subjects

  • The Courtship of the Particular

  • In the Beginning Was the Conversation

  • Into the Mountains to Pray

  • Allured into the Wilderness

With an ecospiritual lens on biblical narratives and a fresh look at a community larger than our own species, Church of the Wild uncovers the wild roots of faith and helps us deepen our commitment to a suffering earth by falling in love with it--and calling it church. Mystical encounters with the natural world are more common than we realize. This workshop will help you connect more deeply to a love that literally holds the world together--a love that calls us into communion with all creatures.

  • An invitation to experience the sacred presence of Spirit and be drawn into deeper relationship with the natural world. 

  • You may just identify particular beings who might be calling you into a more intimate relationship. 

  • Explore the ways in which the severance between spirituality and nature is a false one, creating massive  consequences both to Earth and to your own soul and spirituality.

  • By the end, you will be encouraged to develop spiritual practices that honor the land, and restore the soul connection between you.  

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Co-Founder & Guide

Victoria Loorz is Co-Founder of Seminary of the Wild, a co-founder of Wild Church Network, a spiritual director and author of "Church of the Wild".

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Victoria Loorz.  Author, co-founder, Seminary of the Wild and Wild Church Network.  Wild Church pastor and eco-spiritual director.  See More.

Church of the Wild, published by Broadleaf Press, will be released October 5, 2021.  Pre-order now and you will receive the book that week!  

Lovely Book Endorsements


Dr.Andreas Weber

Biologist & Author, "Matter & Desire: An Erotic Ecology"

“Victoria Loorz has written a breathtaking book, both bold and intimate, both erudite and immensely loving. She does for Christian belief what Robin Wall Kimmerer did for scientific Botany: invite it back into the ecstasy of a life lived together with all beings, into the poetry of sharing breath. Loorz has the gift of conveying profound messages in a light-hearted and light-footed – and outright beautiful – way, that makes it literally impossible to put down the book. “Church of the Wild” is a groundbreaking account of postdualistic religious experience, and an intoxicating temptation to allow yourself to love.”


Mirabai Starr

Author, "God of Love" and "Wild Mercy"

“This book is a luminous love song to the Body of the Earth, a sober celebration of interconnection, an elegant entreaty and a bold proposal for a new way, the renewal of the ancient way, a way of healing and holiness and prophetic enkindling.  This book is a prayer.  Intelligently shaped and beautifully written.  Highly recommended.”


Cláudio Carvalhaes

Theologian, liturgist, artist. Author of Liturgies from Below

“Church of the Wild is about a very different church. It is an ekklesia/assembly of friends we don’t quite pay attention or listen to: birds, trees, flowers, air, waters, rocks, raccoons  frogs, and so many other living beings. It is not a church in the wild, but an assembly of the wild. There we learn something about botanic sacramental relations, animal hymnodies, earth spiritualities, and through these learnings, encounter a wilderness that might be closer to us than our church buildings. Victoria Loorz’s story-telling of the wilderness offers a Christ-tradition language much needed for new dialogues, a path back to the parts of the Christian faith we have forgotten for centuries. Take and read, and let your body be-wild-ered! “


Veronica Kyle

Co-founder, Eco-Womanist Institute

“Victoria Loorz has brought us her truth-telling real "Kitchen Table" talk  in this book. It is both deeply personal, inspirational and spiritually nourishing. As you turn each page you can feel yourself being called to get outside and connect with creation. Our natural altars—the trees, waters, the sun and the moon—are waiting to heal us! My ancestors, who were forced in captivity, would "steal away" in the woods to spend time praying, singing and dancing in order to withstand the brutality of the systemic racist caste system. Reading this book makes you question how did we end up boxing in our spiritual practice between the confines of four walls?”


Dr. Larry Rasmussen

Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics, Union Theological Seminary

“A cascade of stories beautifully written, deeply personal and refreshingly human.  They invite us to create a narrative together for a transformed people fitted to a changed Earth. Many of us have been waiting for this book. While it crisscrosses most everything, it’s concretely about transformed churches, seminaries and interfaith communities gathering to practice the future. Pass it on!”


Mary Reynolds Thompson

Founder, Live Your Wild Soul Story and author of "Reclaiming the Wild Soul"

“Church of the Wild is miraculous in its depth and beauty. Weaving rich storytelling with fascinating historical and theological insights, the author lays out a spiritual pathway rooted in communion with nature. Though Loorz is part of the Christ tradition, she speaks to all of us longing for an Earth-based spirituality. This is a sacred text for our troubled times.”


Bill McKibben

Climate Activist & Author, End of Nature

“This book will be of great use to all who feel a little broken by the world right now--those of a Christian heritage especially, but really everyone yearning to reconnect with something larger. I think the wisest course of action would be to slip it into a knapsack and remove yourself outdoors to read it.”