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Living In Ceremony With Holy Earth

Re-member and reclaim the deep, sacramental rhythms of life.

The Sacraments (mysteries) were designed to invite us into a life of sacred reciprocity with the wild, magnificent divinity in Earth and Self. Today, we know our present ecological crisis has spiritual roots. In this age of nature-deficit disorder, disillusionment, and ecological destruction, what is needed more than ever perhaps is to re-learn ceremonial ways of living in right relationship with Earth. A way of living in ever widening circles of relationship that including the network of biodiversity that sustains all of us. Sacrament is an ever-present urge and invitation to live in ‘right relationship’ within a vast and enchanting web of inter-being of which we too are related, in the words of Thomas Berry, as a ‘communion of subjects.’ Rewilding our understanding of the sacramental nature of all of life, patterning our lives based on right-relationship with Earth, and learning to live ceremonially in a life-enhancing way, are all capacities and skills we need for the way ahead as a species. 

Friday - Saturday July 30th & 31st | 8:30 - 11 am PT; 3-5 pm PT

Weekend Online Intensive with Asynchronous practices & complementary mentoring session

During this 2-day online intensive you will explore practices for cultivating wholeness and nature-connection through deep imagery, solo wanders on the land, adapted “Council of All Beings”, Council of Past and Future Ancestors, and self-designed ceremony and ritual. You will learn to establish rhythms of sacred reciprocity in your life, with a follow up Council for mirroring and mentoring opportunities.


You will explore an ecocentric approach to cultivating your own innate wholeness, to sacred connection with the land, to discovering and embodying your own deep rhythms as a spiritual practice, through sacred art, Way of Council, wanders on the land, Sensio Divina, dreamwork, designing personal ceremony, and more. 

Program Information:


Prerequisites | This is an introductory program with no prerequisites. 

Program Outcomes | explore an ecocentric approach to cultivating their own innate wholeness, to sacred connection with the land, to discovering and embodying their own deep rhythms as a spiritual practice, and learning the art of sacred reciprocity. Participants will learn some dynamics of ritual and ceremony to build new habits in your life around sabbath and Creation Care.

  • July 30th | 8:30 am - 11 am PT; 3-5 pm PT

  • July 31st | 8:30 am - 11 am PT; 3-5 pm PT

Weekend Online Intensive 

Your Guide:

Matt Syrdal
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Co-Founder & Guide

Matt Syrdal is a pastor, founder of Church of Lost Walls, Co-Founder of Seminary of the Wild, a Soul Initiation Guide in training with Animas Valley Institute, a "Wild Mind" human development guide and a student of world religions, dream work, shamanism,

eco-psychology, anthropology and myth.

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For more information or to request a conversation with one of our Seminary of the Wild guides email us at guides@seminaryofthewild.com

And we know, when Moses was told,

in the way he was told,

“Take off your shoes!” He grew pale from that simple


reminder of fire in the dusty earth.

He never recovered

his complicated way of loving again


and was free to love in the same way

he felt the fire licking at his heels loved him.

As if the lion earth could roar


and take him in one movement.

Every step he took

from there was carefully placed.


Everything he said mattered as if he knew

the constant witness of the ground

and remembered his own face in the dust


the moment before revelation.

Since then thousands have felt

the same immobile tongue with which he tried to speak.


Like the moment you too saw, for the first time,

your own house turned to ashes.

Everything consumed so the road could open again.


Your entire presence in your eyes

and the world turning slowly

into a single branch of flame.


- David Whyte, “Fire In The Earth” from River Flow