SemINARY of The wIlD

wIld eARTh, wIlD SelF ImmeRsIoN

April 22-26, 2020 | Quail Springs Permaculture Center

In the first 5-day immersion, we sever from old patterns of our belonging to a religious and cultural system that is more concerned with our compliance than our wholeness.  Wanders on the chaparral landscape of oak trees and sage brush invite us slow down and then take a step off the path and toward the Wild. As we move away from who we think we are, we will step over a threshold with the intent to rewild our participation with Earth and our own souls.  


We will explore this unique ecotone with a variety of nature-connection practices, including solo exercises while wandering the land, creative expression, group council, self-designed ceremony, embodied movement, voice dialogue, journaling, and deep imagery work. In addition to reconnecting us to nature, additional practices will reconnect us to our own natural resources, potentials, and depths. We will describe and intentionally cultivate the four dimensions of our innate human wholeness and also begin to discover the four sets of fragments, wounded, or protector subpersonalities that formed during childhood to keep us safe but now hold us back from our own wild potential and calling.

Building on the experiences from the first immersion, we dive into our on-line component of the Wild Earth, Wild Self program. We begin this component with an even deeper dive into the cultivation of our organ of perception and participation, the Wild Self.

  • We will continue to have invitations for wild wanders during this period to further cultivate and deepen into the four facets of our innate human wholeness as well as practices to integrate the facets into a whole. 

  • We will also move deeper into how our sub-personalities developed in our families, schools, and religious communities in order to help us adapt to challenges in those early environments. 

  • We will learn of guidelines and practices for cultivating loving relationships between our Wild Self and our protector parts in an effort of further healing and wholeness. 

  • In addition to these practices and teachings, we will enter into an online council, and chat with Bill Plotkin and other proponents of holistic development.

  • We will also learn of the Nature-Based and Cultural Based Tasks of Development (At least up to the first 3 stages off development, and do a self-review of “unfinished business” from these stages of life.

  • We will also read and discuss excerpts from Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype.

  • Seminarians will meet several times with their mentors during this quarter and continue to cultivate their own wholeness and self-healing. 

  • We will also begin a practice of serving the culture and nature from our newfound facets as well as from our wholeness, thereby the self is serving the more than human world.

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