Reclaim. Renew. Rewild.

wIld ChRIST, wILD eARth, wIlD SelF

An Online Weekend Intensive | April 15-17, 2021

The Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self Weekend Intensive ™ is an experiential, nature-based, immersive program to help you remember your primary participation in sacred Earth. In the face of profound ecological and social challenges, an ecological awakening is happening among people from diverse communities of faith and spirituality across the planet. This deep and wild intensive is an introduction to the animated and inter-connected conversation between all things.


This program is for those individuals who sense that their old ways of believing, being, and doing are inadequate for the tasks ahead.  We invite all who feel their longing to take their unique and vital role in the emergence of this New Story.


During this weekend intensive participants will:

Reclaim a sense of sacred relationship with Earth - Explore themes of incarnation and full embodiment in deep communion with Earth. Participants will experience a re-enchantment taking a deep dive into the innate and hidden resources of their own wild and indigenous belonging to the world.

Remember your own wild authenticity - Explore your own hidden wholeness, the "treasure hidden in the field" of the Wild Self, encountered through parables, dreams, deep imagery, shadow work and Self-healing practices.

Rewild the roots of the Christian story - Explore the historical narrative of the Christian church in collusion with empire and culture and the domestication of our original wildness. Experience the Cosmic and Wild Christ as a path to deep ecological metanoia for religion and culture in the Ecozoic Era.


offers nature-based tools, practices, teachings, experiences, and support for your inner transformation with a band of wild pilgrims and guides as you move toward your wild calling during this period of turbulence leading us into profound transformation that Joanna Macy calls "The Great Turning.”

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