Andreas Weber's Matter and Desire is an incredible exploration of the feral and feathered, full-bodied aliveness and wild empathy now being summoned by the world and for the world. Desire is not opposed to the holy but is the sacred energy of the encounter. It is a call to a deeper and fuller humanity needed in our times.

“If you can manage to see yourself from the outside and accept yourself as a vulnerable organism within the biosphere, rather than focusing on the narrowness of your own needs and considering yourself the center of reality, you will be amazed at how the world positively overflows with suffering beings, each with needs and appetites of their own. Something odd occurs when one has that experience: Suddenly, the soul is filled with deep compassion for the world. This is the only attitude adequate to the task of scaling the dark mountain of the ecological catastrophe we face: without any illusion that it is possible to change human beings based on the strength of better insights. But with full-fledged empathy for this creation, among which things are so hard precisely because it is creation. And with equally strong gratitude for this creation beneath a graciously warm sun and its affirmative light: where we have already been given everyhing we need to live, before we ever thought to desire it.” ― Andreas Weber, Matter and Desire: An Erotic Ecology


Andreas Weber is a Berlin-based philosopher, biologist, and writer. He is the author of The Biology of Wonder: Aliveness, Feeling, and the Metamorphosis of Science; Biopoetics: Towards an Existential Biology; and Matter and Desire: An Erotic Ecology, one of the required texts for Seminary of the Wild's Eco-Ministry program. He has degrees in Marine Biology and Cultural Studies and teaches philosophy at Leuphana University, Lüneburg, and the University of Fine Arts, Berlin. Andreas' work is focusing on a re-evaluation of our understanding of the living. He is proposing to understand organsims as subjects and hence the biosphere as a meaning-creating and poetic reality. Accordingly, Andreas holds that an economy inspired by nature should not be designed as a mechanistic optimization machine, but rather as an ecosystem which transforms mutual sharing of matter and energy in a deepened meaning.

Andreas Weber Webinar "Matter & Desire: An Erotic Ecology" | July 14, 2020

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