mYSteRIeS oF The kIN-Dom

Exploring the Visionary Realm of the Deep Imagination

The deep imaginal realm is like treasure hidden in the field

of your life, a key to the doorway of your destiny. What vision might you discover and embody for your people? 

In the Western world, we have lost access to the essential mysteries of the divine. Many ancient cultures and indigenous peoples knew that the Otherworld was the place of revelation and source of vision, offering a gift for cultural artistry and transformation that enhanced the vitality and future of the whole community — the human and more-than-human community. Now we find ourselves in a painfully liminal age ‘between myths’.

Saturday, August 14th | 8:30-11am; 3-5pm PT
Friday, August 20th | 8:30-11am PT
Friday, August 27th | 8:30-11am; 3-5pm PT

Two day-long sessions and one morning session include a 1 hour complementary mentoring session

  • August 13th 8:00-11 am PT; 3-5 pm PT

  • Aug 20th: 8:30-11am PT

  • Aug 27th: 8:30-11am; 3-5 pm PT

Program is on Four Fridays

Numinous encounters were often assisted through conversation with nature, dreams (as in the Biblical stories) and deep imaginal practices for shifting consciousness as a way to bridge the worlds of Heaven and Earth (soul-journeys). These revelatory visions had the power to recreate or renew the world through story or mythtelling. Mystics of diverse cultures throughout history, the ancient prophetesses and seers, and Jesus himself re-membered these ‘mysteries’, and bridged the vision of Otherworld with the crises of the current unravelling world-age in what he cryptically termed the “realm” of God or the “kingdom.”


During this 3-day online immersion, you will take an experiential dive into what Jesus called the ‘mysteries of the kingdom’, through deep imaginal journeys, soul-centric dreamwork, wanders, creative art and myth-journaling, council, and ceremony. You will initiate a deeper relationship with Earth, your own wild and ‘hidden wholeness’, and perhaps discover some buried treasure whispering intimations of your own unique purpose. We will explore the mysterious terrain of the imaginal world for cultivating deeper wholeness, and participating with the numinous power of divine creativity in our lives.

Program Information:


Prerequisites | This is an advanced program for participants with experience in Jungian dream work, or active imagination, or who have participated in our Eco-Ministry yearlong cohort or one of our other Seminary of the Wild offerings. 

Program Outcomes | Participants will learn a soul-centric approach to dreamwork and deep imagery, how to amplify your dreams and images, deepening the experience through sacred art and journaling, several embodiment practices, and by creating your own personal practices for ongoing work with sacred imagery, and explore a non-western framework for understanding Scriptures and myth. Participants will engage in group work and council, and an opportunity for a mentoring session.

Your Guide:

Matt Syrdal
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Co-Founder & Guide

Matt Syrdal is a pastor, founder of Church of Lost Walls, Co-Founder of Seminary of the Wild, a Soul Initiation Guide in training with Animas Valley Institute, a "Wild Mind" human development guide and a student of world religions, dream work, shamanism,

eco-psychology, anthropology and myth.

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For more information or to request a conversation with one of our Seminary of the Wild guides email us at guides@seminaryofthewild.com

Being far from home is hard, but you know,

   at least we are exiled together.

When you open your eyes to the world


you are on your own for

   the first time. No one is

even interested in saving you now


and the world steps in

   to test the calm fluidity of your body

from moment to moment…


…As if your place in the world mattered

   and the world could

neither speak nor hear the fullness of


its own bitter and beautiful cry

   without the deep well

of your body resonating in the echo.

— From Revelation Must Be Terrible, David Whyte