Matthew Syrdal, MDiv.


Matt Syrdal is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA who lives in Denver Colorado with his family. Matt's work is to bridge the Christ tradition and the old  forgotten ways of the perennial Earth-based traditions. During a pan-cultural Vision Fast, Matt understood his deep eco-spiritual purpose was to decompose the old narratives and images of a destructive culture and worldview. Composting in the sacred soil of Earth-based wisdom is the nutriment of numinous vision and dreams, rebirthing new forms of life-enhancing communities in the Western World. Matt has since undergone training with Animas Valley Institute, certified in the Wild Mind program as a nature-based human development guide, and as a Soul Initiation Guide in training.


In 2014 Matt founded Church of Lost Walls, a Denver Front Range based community seeking to step across the threshold into a community based on sacred-reciprocity, relationship with the watershed, wild sacramental worship, and a commitment to ecological education and justice. He has a passion for art, poetry and writing, and is a contributing author for Progressive ChristianityMatt's creative alchemy is rooted in images, poetry, storytelling and myth, with a background in anthropology, world religions, rites-of-passage, and depth psychology.

For six years Matt has offered wilderness immersions for pastors and spiritual leaders in the Front-Range of Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, and the East Coast, and has been privileged to work with his gifted fellow co-conspirators as co-founder of Seminary of the Wild.


As a guide and mentor Matt supports the clients unique inner genius, cultivating wholeness for more conscious and authentic leadership. Soul-based leadership is rooted in cultivating a greater capacity for wholeness, and Self-healing in preparation for the descent to Soul.

Matt Syrdal
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Co-Founder & Guide

Matt Syrdal is a pastor, founder of Church of Lost Walls, Co-Founder of Seminary of the Wild, a Soul Initiation Guide in training with Animas Valley Institute, a "Wild Mind" human development guide and a student of world religions, dream work, shamanism,

eco-psychology, anthropology and myth.

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"As a board certified psychiatrist, I myself have had both years of life coaching and psychotherapy. I can say without a doubt that I have never experienced any inner work as effective as I have with Matt Syrdal. Trained in the Animus Valley Institute traditions of Soulcraft and dreamwork, Matt was able to help me to rapidly access my core life's work desires  and values (otherwise known as "true self") and begin to restructure my life in a way that is most consistent with those values.  The work I have done with Matt over the last three months has rapidly brought me to a place where at age 61, I finally have a much clearer direction on what I want to be when I grow up. Matt is a phenomenal coach and mentor and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Si Steinberg / Psychiatrist