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Eco-Ministry Certificate: Yearlong Program

 The Seminary of the Wild Eco-ministry Certification Program ™ is an experiential, nature-based, yearlong offering to help you remember your primary participation in sacred Earth. In the face of profound ecological and social challenges, a New Story is emerging.   At the core of that Story is a weaving of an ancient path and a new way of relating to Earth,  other species,  each other, and the Divine.  Thomas Berry calls this path "The Dream of the Earth." This deep and wild course is an animated and inter-connected conversation between all things.


This program is for those individuals who sense that their old ways of believing, being, and doing are inadequate for the tasks ahead.  We invite all who feel their longing to take their unique and vital role in the emergence of this New Story to join the Seminary of the Wild.


This Eco-Ministry Certificate program offers nature-based tools, practices, teachings, experiences, and support for your inner transformation with a band of wild pilgrims and guides as you move toward your wild calling during this period of turbulence leading us into profound transformation that Joanna Macy calls "The Great Turning.”

In a series of four modules, each 2.5 months long, you will:

- DISCOVER your own deep authenticity, your wild Self waiting to be embodied in fearless leadership for a time such as this.

- RECLAIM the wild roots of the Christian story buried under centuries of imperialism and patriarchy.

- ENCOUNTER the wildly indigenous Christ, the primordial seed of Earth’s dream that is calling all people of God to deepen their spiritual grounding into the soil.   

- EMBODY your sacred calling, beneath your daily vocation, to deliver your gifts to a world desperately needing your unique gifts


We will journey away from the domesticating and indoctrinating forces of Western society into a deep rediscovery and enchantment of Earth, Self, Christ, and our Call. Seminary of the Wild brings out of the 'storeroom' of the perennial wisdom tradition 'treasures new as well as old', drawing on the wisdom of ancient streams of Christian mysticism and Celtic spirituality as well as contemporary pan-cultural practices integrated from the Animas Valley Institute. Through nature-based spiritual practices, such as contemplative wanders, sacred council, facilitated group work, ceremony,  dreamwork, imaginal journeys, embodied movement, writing, and eco-theological reflection and discussion, we will return to our original wholeness, our wildness, and our authentic service.

Yearlong Begins April 2020 thru March 2021. 

(Next Yearlong COHORT to begin September 2020)

The Seminary of the Wild: Eco-Ministry Certificate is a nature-based, experiential process of psycho-spiritual growth, supported by bi-weekly, online courses in each of the four modules of the yearlong program: Wild Earth, Wild Self, Wild Christ, Wild Calling. Mentoring, an online community for reflection and support, and immersive wilderness experiences are designed to support you as you prepare to bring your own unique form of transformative work in deeper service to the world.


2 Five-day Nature-based Guided Immersions:  Sept 14-18 in Michigan, Spring 2021 in Southern California.


Online Webinars with Experts, Authors, and Practical Eco-theologians WILD LUMINARIES  (live with Q & A)


Weekly Zoom-video conference sessions, facilitated by SEMINARY OF THE WILD Guides.


A focused Eco-Ministry Reading List for discussion and reflection (plus electronic program resources)


Monthly Personal Mentoring Sessions with A Seminary of the Wild Guide 


Eco-Ministry Certificate upon completion of the program.


Wild Earth, Wild Self

Quail Springs Permaculture is a 450-acre sustainable living demonstration site located near the tiny town of Cuyama in the upper...


Wild Christ, Wild Call

Wander the ninety-five acres of beautiful meadows and enchanting woodlands surrounding the Capuchin Retreat Center in MI...

Cost of yearlong certificate program is $3,200.

Payments accepted through PayPal (bank, credit card, ATM).  

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Learn from the brightest, mystical minds and practical eco-theologians through live webinars, an innovative curriculum and reading list, and one-on-one guidance from the co-founders of Seminary of the Wild.


Integrate your faith into the wineskins of a new cosmology and explore your questions and wonderings with the support of a cohort of like-hearted spiritual leaders.  Meet your cohort on the land twice during the year and deepen those relationships through bi-weekly online council calls.


Discuss readings from contemporary and ancient eco-theologians, spiritual ecologists, poets, systems theory practitioners and nature-based developmental psychologists.  Engage in kindred relationship through invitational wanderings on the land in your own unique watershed. 

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