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SemINARY of The wIlD

wIld ChRIST, wIlD Call ImmeRsIoN

September 14-18, 2020 | Capuchin Retreat Center

In the second 5-day immersion, we embark upon a mysterious path into unknown terrain, where the familiar face of a culturally domesticated Christ becomes an invitation to explore the wilder, indigenous energies and the beloved Voice of the One who waits in our own astonishing depths and the Creation.

     As we shed our preconceived theologies and experiences of a tamed Christ hidden in the heavens, we will cross the wild threshold of encounter to experience a more earth-rooted, indigenous, and sacred Beloved that has been waiting all along in desecrated and wounded places, in our deepest griefs and longings. Building upon earlier practices of solo wanders, creative expression, and deep imagery, we will explore the possibilities of ecstasy and enrapturement in the Wild Christ of the world through wanders, embodiment practices, rewilding the sacraments, trance dance, and sacred ceremony that will inspire and lead us to become agents of healing of our watersheds and the body of Earth.

In the second half of our gathering, we will focus on the question, “What is the Wild Christ calling each of us to uniquely offer to this Wild Earth in such a time as this?” Together we will explore what it means to be called to a place of wild and courageous service in this time of unprecedented challenges. In this module of Wild Call, we will ponder how we as human beings have been uniquely equipped to serve our world and how we might share those gifts generously, courageously, and lovingly.  


The goal is for participants to dream, create, and commit to a delivery system that emerges from the integration of their encounters with the Wild Christ, Wild Earth, and Wild Self. We will examine what it requires to fully say Yes to the call we’ve received, how we can wisely navigate issues of inner and outer resistance, and how we might create a team of allies to assist us in living out the fullness of our call. In alignment with our vision at Seminary of the Wild, this work will arise from our deep connection with the natural world with whom we will be creating a ceremony of wild ordination.