The Seminary of the Wild Co-Founders are agents of cultural disruption who have been brought together by the great Mystery of God through their own unique journeys for such a time as this. Coming from a variety of experiences, backgrounds and streams such as pastoral ministry, spiritual direction, coaching, and nature-based soul work through Animas Valley Institute, the four Co-Founders have awakened to a new and larger Story, a profound felt sense and enchantment of wild Earth, and a deep and urgent calling to rewild the Christian church.


We believe the vision of Seminary of the Wild is a small but integral part of the greater emergence happening across the Western world, that Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning. Our own unique stories, gifts, experience, and guiding skills have been brought to bear in integrating a new path for spiritual leaders walking the edge of Christendom who will pioneer a new way forward for the Church in the world.

SemINaRy of The wIld Guides & Co-Founders