dIvINg Into The wIld DReAm stReam

Exploring Soul-Centric Dreamwork

We have forgotten the river of dreams.

The ancients knew that the dream stream was the elixir of the “other” world. For the aboriginal peoples of Australia, the dream-time is more “real than” the middle-world space we inhabit. In the Judeo-Christian text (The Bible), there are numerous examples of dreams and visions. Most dreams were interpreted as communications from God. We might make a case that dreams are initiatory opportunities from the Self, aka God or Mystery. The dream-maker of the psyche offers nightly gifts as an opportunity to expand our consciousness into the consciousness of the imaginal and the underworld.

Begins Friday, August 13th at 8:30 am PT

Two day-long sessions and two evening sessions include a 1 hour complementary mentoring session | $239

In addition to entering the night-world of dreams, we will, not surprisingly, enter into the dream of the Earth and wander with dreams in nature and wilderness. We will employ soul-centric dreamwork, council, expressive arts, deep imagery, and wild wanders as we explore the wild dream stream. Join us and deepen into your dreams and your unfolding wild story!


During this 6-session online immersion, you’ll move from attempting to interpret dreams into allowing the dreams and its strange characters to alter your perspective; in fact, that’s the whole purpose of dreams, to initiate you into a wisdom beyond the ego. We will encounter characters of our wildness, our wholeness, our outcasts, our protector parts, deep mystery, and, if we are lucky, some nightmarish shadowy figures.


There will be time for wandering and delving into the practices between calls, so plan on setting aside additional time throughout these weeks for deepening into nature and your dreams. It is helpful if you have wild land close by on which to wander; however, we can also offer suggestions if you are in a city or suburban setting.

Program Information:


Prerequisites | This is an advanced program for participants with experience in Jungian dream work, or active imagination, or who have participated in our Eco-Ministry yearlong cohort or one of our other Seminary of the Wild offerings. 

Program Outcomes | Participants will learn a soul-centric approach to dreamwork and deep imagery, how to amplify your dreams and images, deepening the experience through sacred art and journaling, several embodiment practices, and by creating your own personal practices for ongoing work with sacred imagery, and explore a non-western framework for understanding Scriptures and myth. Participants will engage in group work and council, and an opportunity for a mentoring session.

  • August 13th 8:00-11 am PT; 3-5 pm PT

  • Aug 20th: 3-5 pm PT

  • Aug 27th: 3-5 pm PT

  • Sept 10th: 8:00 -11 am PT; 3-5 pm PT

Program is on Four Fridays

Your Guide:

Brian Stafford
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Co-Founder & Guide

Matt Syrdal is founder of Church of Lost Walls, Co-Founder of Seminary of the Wild, a Soul Initiation Guide in training with Animas Valley Institute, a "Wild Mind" human development guide and a student of world religions, dream work, shamanism,

eco-psychology, anthropology and myth.

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For more information or to request a conversation with one of our Seminary of the Wild guides email us at guides@seminaryofthewild.com

Being far from home is hard, but you know,

   at least we are exiled together.

When you open your eyes to the world


you are on your own for

   the first time. No one is

even interested in saving you now


and the world steps in

   to test the calm fluidity of your body

from moment to moment…


…As if your place in the world mattered

   and the world could

neither speak nor hear the fullness of


its own bitter and beautiful cry

   without the deep well

of your body resonating in the echo.

— From Revelation Must Be Terrible, David Whyte