Rev. Bryan Smith, MDiv.

Following graduation from UCLA with bachelor degrees in economics and psychology, Bryan Smith attended Princeton Theological Seminary, graduating with an M.Div.  He then served as an associate pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, California for four years before beginning his current call in 1992 as pastor at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Canton, Michigan.  Over his thirty years as a pastor, Bryan has developed a deep appreciation and understanding of the challenges facing those in spiritual leadership.


In addition to being a pastor, Bryan is also an ICF certified life coach and an Animas Valley Institute certified nature-based human development guide. Bryan’s passion is to help people discover, develop and embody all facets of their God-given identity so they can live with greater courage, joy, freedom, and impact. Bryan deeply believes that such transformative work happens most profoundly by cultivating a sacred dance with the animate world in which we live.

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