Dr. Brian Stafford, MD MPH

A native of Colorado, Brian Stafford, MD, MPH is a wild wanderer, teacher, mentor, guide, writer, speaker and cultural change agent. A graduate of Wheaton College, Brian went on to train as a pediatrician, adult, child, adolescent, infant and perinatal psychiatrist and rose through the ranks of academic medicine to an endowed chair in psychiatry at the age of 44.


Then, he heard the call to adventure - his Jonah moment - and left medicine and academia to discover and serve the deeper mysteries of the world and the psyche. Currently, he directs Earth, Soul, Purpose and Wilderness Is Medicine in Ojai, California.


He also serves as guide, trainer, Board member, and Director of Strategic Operations and the Wild Mind Training Program for the Animas Valley Institute.

Brian has returned to one of his first loves – poetry, with his first chapbook of poems available in the next year. He is also at work on an eco-myth novel set in the Colorado River Basin as well as books on the plight of the modern medical practitioner, and a way to find our way forward, and one on the disconnection of psychiatry from soul and spirit. His poems, essays and other recent musings can be found here.

He is a student of Bill Plotkin, Ph.D., Ken Wilber, Father Thomas Keating O.S.C.O, Father David Stendl-Rast, Ph.D., Adyashanti, and Richard Rohr, OFM.


A husband and father of twin boys; his favorite biblical moment is the cleansing of the temple.

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