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Matt is an ordained pastor who lives in Denver and was abducted by Mystery into soul-canyon eight years ago when through enacting a dream on Tamayame lands in the box elder and old cottonwood bosque of the Rio Grande, a great well of grief cracked open and a flood of ancestral lament  poured through his body, shapeshifting his destiny. Matt's life has since become a bridge between the Christ tradition and the old  forgotten ways of the perennial Earth-based traditions. During a Vision Fast, Matt understood his deep eco-spiritual purpose was to decompose the old narratives and images of a destructive culture and worldview. Composting in the sacred soil of Earth-based wisdom is the nutriment of numinous vision and dreams, rebirthing new forms of life-enhancing communities in the Western World. Matt has since undergone the journey of soul initiation with Animas Valley Institute, completing training in the Wild Mind program as a nature-based human development guide, and as a Soul Initiation Guide in training.


In 2014 Matt founded Church of Lost Walls, a Denver Front Range based Wild Church community seeking to step across the threshold into a community based on sacred-reciprocity, relationship with the watershed, wild sacramental worship, and a commitment to ecological education and justice. Matt's creative alchemy is rooted in the arts, poetry, storytelling and myth, with a background in anthropology, world religions, rites-of-passage, and depth psychology.


As a guide and mentor Matt supports the clients unique inner genius, cultivating wholeness for more conscious and authentic leadership.

I draw from a foundation of of developmental psychology from a Wholeness and Self-healing lens of human development, with roots in archetypal and eco-depth psychology. I weave a background in world religions, anthropology, myth, symbol 

Matt Syrdal
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Co-Founder & Guide

Matt Syrdal is a pastor, founder of Church of Lost Walls, Co-Founder of Seminary of the Wild, a Soul Initiation Guide in training with Animas Valley Institute, a "Wild Mind" human development guide and a student of world religions, dream work, shamanism,

eco-psychology, anthropology and myth.

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You will explore an ecocentric approach to cultivating your own innate wholeness, to sacred connection with the land, to discovering and embodying your own deep rhythms as a spiritual practice, through sacred art, Way of Council, wanders on the land, Sensio Divina, dreamwork, designing personal ceremony, and more. 

Program Information:


Prerequisites | This is an introductory program with no prerequisites. 

Program Outcomes | explore an ecocentric approach to cultivating their own innate wholeness, to sacred connection with the land, to discovering and embodying their own deep rhythms as a spiritual practice, and learning the art of sacred reciprocity. Participants will learn some dynamics of ritual and ceremony to build new habits in your life around sabbath and Creation Care.

For more information or to request a conversation with one of our Seminary of the Wild guides email us at guides@seminaryofthewild.com

And we know, when Moses was told,

in the way he was told,

“Take off your shoes!” He grew pale from that simple


reminder of fire in the dusty earth.

He never recovered

his complicated way of loving again


and was free to love in the same way

he felt the fire licking at his heels loved him.

As if the lion earth could roar


and take him in one movement.

Every step he took

from there was carefully placed.


Everything he said mattered as if he knew

the constant witness of the ground

and remembered his own face in the dust


the moment before revelation.

Since then thousands have felt

the same immobile tongue with which he tried to speak.


Like the moment you too saw, for the first time,

your own house turned to ashes.

Everything consumed so the road could open again.


Your entire presence in your eyes

and the world turning slowly

into a single branch of flame.


- David Whyte, “Fire In The Earth” from River Flow