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SemINARY of The wIlD

SemINARY of The WIlD

Seminary of the Wild exists to:

  • Reclaim the wild roots of the Christian story

  • Cultivate a sacred relationship with Earth

  • Clarify your sense of deep purpose

  • Embody your authentic identity as a unique gift to the world.

  • Discover your own deep authenticity, your wild Self waiting to be embodied in fearless leadership for a time such as this. 

  • Reclaim the wild roots of the Christian story buried under centuries of imperialism and patriarchy. 

  • Encounter the wildly indigenous Christ, the primordial seed of Earth’s dream that is calling all people of God to deepen their spiritual grounding into the soil.   

  • Embody your sacred calling, beneath your daily vocation, to deliver your gifts to a world desperately needing your unique gifts

Begin to discover through enchantment, what the world really is and who you really are through nature-based spiritual practices, contemplative wanders, sacred council and facilitated group work, ceremony, guided dreamwork and deep imagery, embodied movement, writing, challenging ecotheological study geared towards discovering and dismantling the domesticating forces of culture and society.

The Seminary of the Wild: Eco-Ministry Certificate is a nature-based, experiential process of psycho-spiritual growth, supported by bi-weekly, online...

Eco-Ministry Yearlong

The October program is full. 

Keep posted for 2020 dates and locations. www.ghostranch.org/wildchrist

Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self

Learn from the brightest, mystical minds, practical eco-theologians, and one-on-one mentoring from the co-founders of Seminary of the Wild.

Mentoring & Coaching

Eco-Ministry Certificate

SemINARY of The WIlD

The Seminary of the Wild Eco-ministry Certification Program ™  is a yearlong experiential offering designed to help you remember your deep participation in sacred Earth.  In the face of profound ecological and social challenges, a New Story is emerging.  At the core of that Story is an ancient and yet new way of relating with the earth, with other humans, and with God, defined by a deep inter-connection between all things. This program is for those who are sensing that their old ways of being and

doing and believing are no longer adequate for the tasks ahead.   We encourage all who have begun to suspect that they may hold a unique and important role in the emergence of this New Story to consider joining the Seminary of the Wild. The Eco-Ministry Certificate offers nature-based tools, teachings, experiences, and support for your own inner transformation as you form the contours of the transformative role you are uniquely called to offer toward what Thomas Berry called "The Great Turning."