Imagine a seminary in the deepest sense of the word a wild seedbed of spiritual and cultural evolution

SemINARY of The wIlD


The Old English word seminary evokes a wild seed bed. It shares a common root with the word seminal, the seed or creative potent force that calls forth life from the fertility of soil. The seminary, at such a time as this, must nurture this bed of inter-connected seeds, composting old paradigms and stories for a future hope to emerge. Neither an institution nor a ‘temple made with human hands’, but a wild awakening to our deeper nature, and to what the world truly is. It begins in listening for what Earth and Spirit is summoning forth from within, our deeper calling.

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This is a seminary of the wild, not simply in the wild. The wild is not a pretty backdrop for reading theological texts, it is the primary theological text. The pedagogy of the wild is an emergence, a sacred relationship or conversation born out of an older wisdom that restores our own relationship to our watershed, a sense of deep belonging to the whole world as wildly sacred.


Wild humans are self-organizing, self-determining, erotic, emotive, sensate, animated, mysterious, enchanted, embodied, attuned, nurturing and generative. Individuals who are wild know who they are, know who they belong to, know whom they serve, and that it is all sourced in the Great Mystery. The experience of this re-sacralized self and Earth becomes the doorway to a deeper, wild wisdom of the incarnated Christ through visionary experience, deep imagination and participation in the joyous and embodiment of Creation.


During pivotal times throughout Judeo-Christian history, spiritual leaders, from Moses to Jesus, were called into an intimate encounter with the wilderness. We live in one of these crucial times.  The ecological and societal unraveling that define our times call us out of our culture’s ways of separation and dominance, into a deeper, more kindred, and reciprocal relationship of interBeing. We need the revelation of the wilderness.

we’re really inviting all people who want to step fully into this crucial moment- to be able to find a way to respond deeply and passionately from their truest self, to offer themselves as a loving gift to our world and in service to the wild Christ

- Bryan Smith, Co-Founder

Nature-based Experiences

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Transformative Community

"now that weve found our belonging in a much larger world a much wilder world.  Jesus says, “I have come to start a fire, and how I am in pain until it is kindled” - so the invitation is to come and start a fire - to come and burn."

 - Matt Syrdal, Co-Founder

"What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?"

- David Whyte

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